It's been five years since the disastrous BP oil spill, and while certain corporations would likely prefer this incident remain in the past, Mother Nature isn't going to let us forget.

Jimmy Fallon wants to make sure you remember, too! On Wednesday's Tonight Show, the late-night host was accompanied by Russell Crowe as he sang a song called "Balls in Your Mouth" about one of the lingering side effects of the 2010 spill.

"Gosh darn it, those tar balls are still washing up in the shores...despite the fact that five years ago I wrote a protest song railing against that very thing," lamented Jimmy. "Apparently BP still didn't get the message. Maybe it's the song's fault...Maybe I just let everyone down."

"I don't think so Jim," said the Water Diviner star. "Your work ethic and your quality is always very high."

At this point, the late-night host asked his guest if he could play something for him, and at Russell and the audience's encouragement, he began to sing: "The oil spill by BP has left tar balls all over the sea/ So don't go swimming down in the South unless you want tar balls in your mouth."

"I think it's great!" Russell exclaimed. "I think it really gets to the heart of the matter. It really does. I think BP should come here and get on their knees right in front of you!"

"And thank me?" asked Jimmy.

"Kinda," said Russell, suppressing a smile. "Kinda...The thing about you song, Jimmy, [is] I can feel it! I can feel it!"

Jimmy was curious where he could feel it, and Russell pointed to—well, you can probably guess where.

Clearly, he was inspired! Russell not only encouraged Jimmy to keeping singing, but he joined in himself—even picking up a guitar and rocking out to "Balls in Your Mouth" with the studio audience!

It's all quite a sight to see! Watch for yourself (and sing along, too!) in the Tonight Show clip above.

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