Step aside, Gia Giudice: the Duggar kids are looking to make their mark in the music biz. 

Just four days after the famous family from 19 Kids and Counting released a music video, in which they lip-synch to Christian singer Lawson Bates' song "Happiness Is the Lord," Jim Bob and Michelle's sons have shared yet another project on YouTube. 

Newlywed Jessa Duggar, who said I-do to husband Ben Seewald earlier this month, posted about her little brothers' project on Instagram, sharing a sneak peek of the clip while directing fans to the "Duggar Studios" YouTube page

"Lol! My little bros are at it again! This time, it's the Duggar 'Pillow Patrol,'" the 22-year-old reality star captioned the clip

The Duggars, Pillow Patrol


In the video, one of the younger Duggar boys (JedidiahJosiahJoseph? We're not quite sure.) channels his mischievous side as he—gasp!—breaks the law by cutting off a tag which reads, "Under penalty of law, this tag not to be removed." 

Enter his brother—a member of the "Pillow Patrol"—who swiftly arrives in a police car (wonder who let them borrow that?!) to arrest his sibling, who is placed in handcuffs as he pleads "I didn't do anything!" 

The rebellious Duggar is then ushered into the cop car by his brother, who gives a satisfied grin in the rear view mirror, clearly pleased with his latest conquest. 

In addition to their latest videos, the Duggars have been making headlines for their love lives following the I-dos of both Jessa and Jill Duggar And in a heartfelt post shared on the family's official website on Monday, Michelle Duggar provided an update on daughter Jill's life as a wife. 

Michelle Duggar, Jim Bob Duggar, Duggar Family

D Dipasupil/Getty Images

"It's just so sweet to watch these guys and girls that are really in love," Michelle wrote of Jill and Derick Dillard's married relationship. "Love is in the air and it's good for all of us to be around that, even if the little siblings have to go, 'Oh no, they're kissing again, oh my!

"I know God's going to use that love to help stretch in ways that they might not otherwise try, because that's the good thing about marriage," she continued. "It really does stretch us and helps us to become the person that God would want us to be. You're much more willing to get out of your comfort zone when it's with somebody that you deeply love."

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