Believe it or not, the Duggars have a music video!

The famous fam from 19 Kids and Counting recently posted a music video on YouTube. The vid features a young male member of their religious clan and some young friends lip-synching to Christian singer Lawson Bates' song "Happiness Is the Lord."

The young Duggar boy (Jedidiah? Josiah? Joseph?) pretends to play a guitar while mouthing the lyrics in a field surround by his pals, who also feign playing musical instruments.

"Happiness is to know the savior/ Living a life within his favor/ Having a change in my behavior/ Happiness is the Lord," the Duggar boy lip-synchs. He then goes into a weird yodel. In fact, most of the video is basically said male Duggar making a pained facial expression while pretending to yodel along with Bates' track.

Duggar Studios, Happiness, Instagram


While none of the female Duggars appear in the music video, Jill Duggar posted about it on Instagram, writing, "Everyone has to check out my brother's YouTube channel ‘Duggar Studios' to see their latest music video ‘Happiness' #duggarguys #batesguys #lawbates #happiness #jillmdillard."

Lawson Bates also posted about the kids' cover of his song, writing, "Check out duggar & bates kids music vid of my song #HappinessIsTheLord & subscribe to 'Duggar Studios' on YouTube! You can download my entire album #freedomsureaintfree here."

It's no surprise the super-conservative family chose "Happiness Is the Lord" for their cover song. The Duggars have previously spoken out against pop music as "promoting sex, drugs, all that type of stuff."

They've also given adice to stars like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. "It's important for whoever—whether it's Miley, Justin, anyone in the spotlight—to understand they have a whole host of people looking up to them," they told Cosmopolitan. "They're not just speaking for themselves. The heart of the matter is having good character and setting an example. Because respect is last in our culture today and in pop stars."

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