Even from a distance, Kacey Musgraves' hair looked huge.

In fact, Jimmy Kimmel's hologram touched the "Follow Your Arrow" singer's bouffant on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday. The late-night show celebrated Wednesday's CMA Awards with a special "cross-country" simulcast, featuring the show's host filming the episode from the show's studio on Hollywood Blvd. while also appearing as a hologram in Music City! "We have an unprecedented program for you. Tonight, we're making television history," Jimmy told the audience. "This has never been done before."

After Jimmy's hologram made its first appearance in Nashville's CMA Theater, he joked, "I'm either a hologram or I died and I'm haunting this theater right now. If you've never been to Nashville, it's a great town. My hologram has been having a blast. Last night, they found my hologram passed out in the alley behind Tootsie's." His sidekick Guillermo, dressed as Star Wars' Princess Leia, then joined him on stage.

"I don't remember Princess Leia having a mustache, but..." Jimmy joked.

The comic then had some fun with the green screen technology by making Guillermo's body—but not his head—disappear. "Somebody set up some bowling pins because I want to throw a few," he joked.

Jimmy's first guest, Modern Family star Julie Bowen, was interviewed in L.A. But because his second guest, Kacey, was nearly 2,000 miles away, Jimmy chatted with the country singer via hologram. "I'm feeling very futuristic right now," the singer, 26, said. "It's crazy." The two then high-fived each other.

"We can do more than just high-five, by the way," Jimmy said, prompting Kacey to pick his nose. "I can't find it!" she said. Jimmy jokingly told his guest, "Oh, my nose is plenty big. Oh, now you're in my brain!"

Jimmy congratulated Kacey on winning Song of the Year, then said her hair was trending on Twitter. "Well, it is pretty big, I guess," Kacey said before agreeing to let Jimmy touch it. "Oh, yes. It's very soft. It's very, very nice," he said. "I think you can get an endorsement deal." She replied, "It's full of secrets."

The host then asked about her duet with the legendary Loretta Lynn. "I can't even tell you what that meant to me. I'm such a huge fan of hers. And you know what? It was crazy. My panties fell off right before. Literally, I'm not even kidding, they were on the stick-on kind...they fell off, they were dangling, I had to rip 'em off—my whole band saw me—and I had to throw 'em to the side, and then out she comes," Kacey revealed. "I don't even know. I'm here now. I don't know where they are. I have no idea."

Jimmy then decided to shrink Kacey using his "magic hologram powers."

"Don't mess my hair up!" she joked.

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