Lady Gaga, Taylor Kinney

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Leave it to Lady Gaga to cook up the world's only Salvation Army muumuu.

Didn't think those two elements could ever be combined in a lab, did you? Shame be upon you for underestimating the evil genius of the Gaga. If that woman wanted to make a negligee out of old Jeep parts and a puffer fish, she could do it. Blind. We should shut up now before we start giving her ideas.

Anyway, about that marching band muumuu...

Gaga wore it out on a date, maybe because all of her pointy white dresses were at the cleaners.

She wore it with ripped fishnets and Ray-Ban sunglasses and her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney. If Gaga appears a bit underdressed—where's her radar dish hat? Her hand-held space debris? Her wearable protein?—there's a reason: this was a casual date night at Joanne Trattoria, a New York restaurant owned by the 26-year-old singer's father.

We tend to wear our pajamas when our daddy cooks us a meal, but to each his own.

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