Recognize the Reveler

Ben King/

Looks like someone got a boo-boo.

Then again, this famous father should be used to dealing with cuts, bruises and scrapes with his own brood.

According to his rep, the reality-TV star hit his head while opening a cabinet in the dark.

Some people (like his ex, perhaps) might say this a little karma in action.

Think you know who's sporting stitches? Find out after the jump...

Jon Gosselin

Ben King/

It's Jon Gosselin of Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Maybe one of the kids can kiss it and make it better?

At least it won't cause him to miss the pool party he's hosting in Las Vegas Saturday at Wet Republic.

For once, his date for the weekend won't be a twentysomething woman. Jon's reportedly bringing his mom along to Sin City for the weekend.

Hey, someone's gotta chaperone, right?


Now check out our story about the Gosselin kids' first day of school...fascinating!

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