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  1. <i>13 Reasons Why</i> Star Justin Prentice Takes the E!Q: 13 Things You Didn't Know About the Actor
  2. When the Royal Family Really Has a Scandal, They Don't Mess Around
  3. <i>Survivor</i>'s Jeff Probst Is Part of a Rare, Essential Breed: The Reality TV Hosts Who've Become So Much More
  4. Catfight on the Set! Why a Juicy Feud Among Women Remains an Irresistible Hollywood Story
  5. How Pregnant Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Beat the Odds: From Reality TV Pariahs to Expectant Parents
  6. Inside Mel B and Stephen Belafonte's Twisted Divorce: Explosive Allegations and Love Gone Wrong From the Start
  7. Inside Michael Bublé's Life-Changing Journey as a Father in the Wake of Son Noah's Cancer Battle
  8. From Trash to Treasure: Pop Culture Has Embraced True Crime and It's Never Letting Go
  9. Octavia Spencer Takes the E!Q in 42 and It's Not Like Any E!Q You've Seen Before
  10. Why Janet Jackson's Marriage to Wissam al Mana May Have Never Been Meant to Last: Family, Privacy & an Insurmountable Culture Clash
  11. 10 Years After <i>Jon & Kate Plus 8</i>: How the Gosselins Blazed a Reality TV Trail and Imploded Along the Way
  12. Katherine Jackson's Complicated World: How the Matriarch Has Remained the Unbreakable Center of Her Family Through Scandal & Tragedy
  13. Ivanka Trump's $740 Million World: How the First Daughter Transplanted Her Life to Washington Without Missing a Beat So Far
  14. Jenny Slate Takes the E!Q in 42—and When She Goes Through the Motions, It's Adorable
  15. The Extraordinary Normalcy of Beyoncé and Jay Z: An Anniversary Investigation
  16. Comedy Casanova: A Closer Look at David Spade's Storied Dating History, From Lara Flynn Boyle and Heather Locklear to Naya Rivera
  17. Why Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Are Proving the Skeptics All Wrong
  18. Inside Barack and Michelle Obama's New World Since Leaving the White House: A Rental House, Personal Twitter Accounts & SoulCycle
  19. The Importance of Celebrities Getting Real About Pregnancy & Postpartum Issues, From Kim Kardashian to Kate Middleton
  20. <i>Riverdale</i>'s Ross Butler Takes the E!Q: 16 Quirky Things You Did Not Know About the Actor
  21. Inside Melania Trump's World: How the Most Private First Lady in Modern History Spends Her Days
  22. How Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Fooled Everybody: From Court to Co-Parenting While People Were Distracted by Scandal
  23. By the Numbers: Growing Up Royal in the 21st Century, From Apartment 1A to a $5 Billion Boost to the Economy
  24. How Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Keep Pulling Off the Impossible for a Hollywood Couple
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