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  1. Chris Hemsworth Just Apologized for Old Costume Drama on His Own Terms, Which Is Better Than When the Internet Forces You to Be Sorry
  2. Khloe Kardashian, Nick Jonas, Liam Hemsworth, Prince Harry & More of Our Favorite Famous Aunts and Uncles
  3. Inside the Increasingly Rapid Turnover on <i>The View</i>: Fickle Audiences, On-Set Turmoil and the Occasional Drama-Free Departure
  4. It's Lovely to See Khloe Kardashian Happy With Tristan Thompson After Her Crazy Year--but Engagement Rumors Are a Bit Much
  5. Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx: Together, Not Together--The Perils of Keeping Tabs on the Most Private Celebrity Couple in Existence
  6. Why Justin Bieber Needs to Pay Attention to Kanye West's Playbook at This Stage of His Career
  7. Bow-<i>Wow</i>: From Pawbars and Zen Centers to Royal Suites and Room Service, Inside the Luxe Dog Life
  8. Ashley Greene Squeezes in an E!Q in 42 Before Her Workout
  9. Taylor Swift Is Officially Out of the Woods: Inside Her Unforgettable--and Only--Show of 2016
  10. Tom Hanks Ensures Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Leave No Issue Un-Spoofed in 3rd Presidential Debate on <i>Saturday Night Live</i>
  11. Taylor Swift Blazes Through Her Hits, Sings ''This Is What You Came For'' for 80,000 Adoring Fans During First & Only Show of 2016
  12. Blac Chyna, Is That You?! Check Out This Adorable Photo From Her ''Tomboy'' Days
  13. Kerry Washington Goes on Emotional Twitter ''Rant'' for First Time Since Welcoming Her Second Child
  14. Social Media Is a Strange, Unrecognizable Place Without Kim Kardashian
  15. Inside Brad Pitt and Maddox Jolie-Pitt's Relationship: The Ups and Downs of the Father-Son Bond Through the Years
  16. When Stars Get Cheated On: Every Time a Guy Strays on a Flawless Female Celeb, It Re-Proves This One Important Point
  17. 14 Things to Know About <i>Lethal Weapon</i> Star Keesha Sharp as She Turns the Traditional Wife Role on Its Head
  18. How Russell Crowe's Temper Got Its Nasty Reputation: Fighting, Yelling, Phone-Throwing and a Decade of Resentment
  19. Kerry Washington Welcomed Her Second Child While Quietly Teaching a Master Class on Privacy, Priorities & Maintaining Her Space
  20. Kelly Clarkson Wins the E!Q in 42: Just When You Thought You Knew Everything About the Singer, Along Comes This
  21. Little Mix Was Shamed for Wearing Skimpy Outfits on <i>X Factor</i> and Here Is Why That's Completely Ridiculous
  22. The WB Lives On in All of Us: Why the Most Formative '90s Network Still Resonates to This Day
  23. Lamar Odom 1 Year After His Near-Fatal Overdose: His Progress, His Setbacks & How Khloe Kardashian Refused to Give Up on His Recovery
  24. Kevin Hart's E!Q in 42 Reveals How He Got Hooked on <i>Keeping Up With the Kardashians</i>
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