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  1. Kirsten Dunst Takes the E!Q in 42, Talks "Soul Mate" Elle Fanning and "Aggressive" Sex Scene in <i>The Beguiled</i>
  2. Inside Erin Andrews' Hard-Fought Road to Happiness: How She Won Two Battles of a Lifetime <i>and</i> Got the Guy
  3. How Prince Harry Is Defining His Place in the Royal Family Before He Gets Married
  4. Hollywood Has Lost Its Mind Over Politics, Just Like Everyone Else
  5. Howard Stern's Secret: How the Fiercely Private Star Convinces Hollywood to Reveal Just About Everything
  6. Saving <i>Bachelor in Paradise</i>: How Cast Members Past & Present Rallied for the Show's Return in the Wake of Scandal
  7. The Resurgence of Leah Remini: How She Became More Famous Than Ever 10 Years After <i>The King of Queens</i>
  8. Tiger Woods' Life Hasn't Been the Same Since His Cheating Scandal: All the Highs & Lows Leading Up to His DUI Arrest
  9. Elle Fanning Takes the E!Q in 42 and <i>The Beguiled</i> Star Is Most Enchanting
  10. The Case of Alyssa Milano & More Stars' Lost Millions: Who's Really to Blame for Falling Behind on the Bills?
  11. Beyoncé's Road to Having Twins: From Her Epic Pregnancy Announcement to Her Babies' Stealth Arrival
  12. Bill Cosby Mistrial: Even Without a Verdict, This Case Leaves a Lasting Mark
  13. This Side of Ariana Grande Was Always There—It Was Just Shadowed by Silly Distractions
  14. Melania Trump Goes to Washington: Inside the First Lady's New Public Life in D.C.
  15. The Mystery Is Gone: Katy Perry Managed to Make Her Feud With Taylor Swift Incredibly Uninteresting
  16. What's Next After the <i>Bachelor in Paradise</i> Debacle: Why This May Have to Be the End of an Era
  17. Out of Nowhere! <i>American Idol</I> Premiered 15 Years Ago: Remembering Kelly Clarkson's Remarkable Journey to the Finale</i>
  18. Inside Katy Perry's <i>Witness</i>: The Romantic History That's Unfolded in Her Most Personal Songs
  19. The Epic Story of Princess Diana's Wedding Dress: 3 Months, 25 Feet of Train, a 20-Year-Old Bride and a Fashion Legacy for the Ages
  20. Jon Ecker Takes the E!Q and This <i>Queen of the South</I> Bad Boy Is Full of Surprises</i>
  21. Splurge vs. Steal: Get Celebrity Wedding Luxury on a Budget--Kim Kardashian's Flowers, Whitney Port's Bar, Nicole Williams' Cake & More
  22. Digesting <i>Serial</i>: Everything You Need to Know About the Adnan Syed Murder Case
  23. For Better, for Worse: Celebrity Brides Who Wore Unconventional Wedding Dresses
  24. How The Weeknd Helped Selena Gomez Get to the Place She Deserved to Be
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