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  1. Are You a Rebel or a Princess? Today Is <i>The Breakfast Club</i>'s Fateful Detention Day
  2. Whoa! TGI Fridays Is Overhauling Its Design and It's Going to Look Completely Different
  3. MMMNope: Turns Out, You've Been Singing Hanson's "MMMBop" Wrong Your Entire Life
  4. All the Times Gwen Stefani Hints That She's Totally in Love With Blake Shelton on Her New Album
  5. Here's How to Find Out Who's Ignored Your Facebook Friend Requests If You Want to Torture Yourself
  6. McDonald's Employees Reveal Why You Should Maybe Think Twice Before Ordering Breakfast in the Afternoon
  7. Nostalgia Overload? Why We Just Can't Let Go of the '90s
  8. Instagram's Possible New Update Will Fix Its Most Annoying Feature
  9. A Tinder Outage Accidentally Deleted Users' Matches and People Are PANICKING
  10. We Pick <i>The Bachelor</i> Winner Based on Ben's Reaction When He First Met the Finalists
  11. What Is Justin Bieber Thinking in This Photo?

    What Is Justin Bieber Thinking in This Photo?

    Fri. Mar. 11, 2016 12:43 PM PST
  12. Wait, We've All Been Using Post-It Notes Wrong This Entire Time?!
  13. An Ode to Freddie Prinze Jr., the Ultimate Dream Guy of the Late '90s-Early 2000s
  14. Is This the Unhappiest Photo Ever Taken on a Disney Ride?
  15. 27 Things That the Internet Has Changed Forever

    27 Things That the Internet Has Changed Forever

    Fri. Mar. 04, 2016 5:00 AM PST
  16. Everyone Is Already Hopelessly Obsessed With Kate McKinnon's <i>Ghostbusters</i> Character
  17. The Best Part of the 2016 Awards Season Was Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio Flaunting Their Friendship
  18. All the Times Chris Rock Took on the #OscarsSoWhite Controversy at the 2016 Oscars
  19. Chris Rock Blasts Jada Pinkett Smith During His Oscars 2016 Opening Monologue
  20. Jared Leto Reveals at 2016 Oscars That He Stared at Oprah to Calm Himself Down During His Own Acceptance Speech
  21. Jacob Tremblay Continues His Tour of Adorableness at the 2016 Oscars
  22. Someone Is Trying to Start Another Dress Debate and We Refuse to Let This Nightmare Happen Again
  23. The 1998 Oscars Were the Peak of Pop Culture Perfection and You Will Never Convince Us Otherwise
  24. These Are the Most Attractive Jobs in America, According to Tinder
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