24 MAY 7PM

Has Daniel Bryan found his new career?

Since retiring from the WWE, Bryan has been trying to figure out what his next step will be. So when he visits the WWE NXT Performance Center with Nikki Bella, the idea of him becoming a coach is brought up.

In this clip from Wednesday's Total Bellas, Bryan explains to WWE superstar Sami Zayn how he was developing a new style of wrestling to protect his neck before he retired.

While watching Bryan talk about this new style Nikki says, "The guy who said he wouldn't coach has been coaching over here."

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Nikki explains, "I just think it would be so wonderful to share your creativity. You feel and hear his excitement."

But Bryan tells her, "But sometimes, like right now, it's almost like I get too excited and then it's just depressing."

Watch the video above to see Bryan explain why he wouldn't want to be a coach!

Total Bellas Season 3 premieres Thursday 24 May at 7pm in Australia, only on E!

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