Shortly after her cousin's quinceañera (a big-deal "sweet fifteen" party) and a few months before her own, Emily Rios discovers she's pregnant, even though she and her hapless boyfriend have always stopped short of actual penetration. Rejected by her father as a result, she moves in with her aging great-great uncle and ne'er-do-well cousin, who's beginning to come to terms with his homosexuality.
For codirectors/writers Wash Westmoreland and Richard Glatzer, this movie is a huge leap forward from their gay-porn satire The Fluffer, both in terms of production values and acting, but there isn't a lot of story, and much of what is there is completely predictable. The directors claim they were going for a '60s U.K. kitchen-sink-realism style, and they're not even close, but the characters are charming and the Echo Park vibe authentic. Rios, in particular, could have quite a bright future.
--Luke Y. Thompson
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