And baby makes four!

The View co-host Sara Haines, 40, gave birth to her and husband Max Shifrin's second child on Saturday, a baby girl named Sandra Grace Shifrin, People reported. Their new addition joins 1 and 1/2-year-old big brother Alec Richard Shifrin.

Sara had revealed her pregnancy and the sex of her second child on The View in June.

"You guys want to know what I'm having? It's a girl! It's a girl!" Sara said on the show, before being showered with pink silly string. "You guys knew. I've been having a rough time so I've had like crackers brought out to me and ginger ale."

"I was so excited, so excited," she added. "I'm very much looking forward to it because I grew up with—I have a brother but I had two sisters. I think I'll get the female experience way more than the little boy experience." 

Sara Haines

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@sarahaines leading by example.

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In an interview with Glamour that was published earlier this month, Sara talked about starting a family at an advanced reproductive age.

"I got married when I was 37, and I'm having my second child at 40," she said. "People say I'm brave, but I say, 'I'm not brave; I'm old!' When I was 28, I'll never forget meeting this woman who was carrying her child and saying to me, 'If I could give you a piece of advice, it's don't wait.' I looked at her and was like, 'You think this is a choice?'"

"This is just how my life looks like right now. I remember thinking that kind of advice doesn't help anyone," she said. "I had wanted kids, but I was always someone that knew if I'm gonna do this, I'm doing it with a teammate."

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