Alpha Male Madness

We're so close to declaring a winner for Alpha Male Madness 2017!

Just four actors remain in the competition after a brutal round of (mostly) costar against costar, and whatever happens, it'll be a brand new fight to the finish. Two-time winner and Outlander star Sam Heughan is still in the game, but he's facing off against Supernatural's Misha Collins, Shameless' Noel Fisher, and The 100's Bob Morley

Heughan, Fisher, and Morley have all been in the lead since round one, but Collins is somewhat of an unexpected contender in this round, since his costar Jensen Ackles received more votes in every round except for the one where it counted. But that's in the past now, and we're looking towards the future where two of these actors will face off in the final round for the Alpha Male Madness title.

In this round, only the two actors with the most votes will continue on to the last round, so make your votes count! 

The poll is now closed. Thanks for voting!

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