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You better believe Lin-Manuel Miranda is ready to go under the sea.

For any and all moviegoers excited about The Little Mermaid's live-action film, planning is still underway. But one Hollywood star is completely committed to the project that will likely become an unforgettable experience.

"We're in super-early talks—I literally don't have a title for what my job on The Little Mermaid is yet," Lin-Manuel told Vulture. "Right now, it's the guy who wears the 'don't mess it up' hat. If I could sign a contract with that job title on it, that would be great! But that's sort of where we are."

All kidding aside, the Broadway star who became a household name thanks to his role in Hamilton is more than excited to be a part of Disney's latest version.

And if those up top need his singing skills, he's totally open to it.

The Little Mermaid


"If this requires new music, I'm here for that, and if this requires me weighing in on who makes this thing, I'm here for that. If this requires me just saying, 'That doesn't look like it's underwater,' I'm even here for that!" he explained to the news outlet. "It's going to be a huge challenge to not make it feel uncanny valley–ish."

But what if Disney wants him to star in the movie? Oh, he's absolutely down for that too.

"I'm such a fan that I can't picture where I'd fit into that universe," he said. "But no matter what, I'm here for the ride."

The enthusiasm shouldn't be the biggest surprise to fans. In addition to Lin-Manuel naming his son Sebastian after watching the Oscar-winning film, the actor knows what's already in the works.

Chloe Grace Moretzhas been tapped to star in the live-action film that will give a fresh portrayal of the famous fairy tale written by Hans Christian Anderson.

A release date has yet to be announced, but we can't wait to be a apart of this world when the time is right.

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