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We all know Ross Geller to be a little weird and awkward, but that's just what makes him lovable, right? Maybe not, but hold that thought. 

A Friends fan theory has recently resurfaced that deals with the never-ending question, what happened to Ross and his son Ben? Fans have been agonizing over his mysterious disappearance from the show for years, but this theory is a pretty solid answer to the mystery. 

Alright, back to Ross. Sure he makes us laugh with his hyperactive excitement and his little personality quirks, but have we just been blinded by these traits and left unable to see Ross for the mess of a man he might actually be? This fan theory pretty much suggests just that. We know, right? Posted on the website is a theory that promotes the notion that Ben vanished because Ross lost custody of Ben. Pretty depressing stuff, right?


They bring up some great points to support this theory as well. Forget what you thought you knew and loved about Ross, because those exact traits could be the reason he supposedly lost his child. What are these points exactly? Well, for starters, he's done his fair share of shady stuff, which really puts a damper on the Ross we thought we loved. Remember that time he tried to persuade a self-defense instructor to help freak out the females in his life? Or, how about that time he tried to kiss his first cousin? Who could forget that time he went to bed with one of his students? Not exactly outstanding moments for his character, you know?


The theory also forces us to take a deeper look at his personality and behavior as reasons for why he might have had his child taken from him. First of all, his temper is out of control, and he's pretty manipulative and rude in relationships if you really think about it. He also mocks Joey for not being as smart as he thinks he is and teases Phoebe for her alternative way of living. Not cool, Ross! Not cool at all. 

All of these incidents and traits could very well have been grounds for his ex-wife, Carol, to take Ben away from him. What a theory, right?  

We never see Ben meet his half-sister Emma, and he's only referenced six times for the rest of the shows run, after his departure in season eight. Could Ross and his jealous, angry antics really be the reason Ben stopped seeing his father? Were his outbursts and behavior so much darker than we originally thought? We hope not, but we may never know for sure.

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