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Tracy Morgan truly has moved past the car accident that took a life and left him with a traumatic brain injury.

The comedian appeared on Conan Thursday and opened up about the car accident with a Walmart truck driver and said he doesn't hold a grudge against him. But there are people who aren't moving on as well as he is.

"I forgave him, and I'm not even mad at him no more," Morgan told Conan O'Brien. "But you know who is mad at him? All my white neighbors. 'If you had hit his white ass he wouldn't be living next door to me! I got daughters.'" 

Living in a new neighborhood, the 30 Rock alum wanted to make sure everyone knew who he was, so he made sure to drive around in his exotic car. "I drove at 30 miles per hour so everyone in the neighborhood can see it because they've never seen a black motherf--ker in a Lamborghini," he joked. "I go slow like I'm checking trap."

Morgan further talked about his recovery and time in the hospital, but despite the serious nature of the topic he couldn't help but make some hilarious jokes. The star said his family showed up to visit him and "tell me they loved me," but said his grandmother had a different message.

"All she cared about is education," Morgan recalled. "So I said, 'Grandma, I made it. I'm alive!' and she said, 'Good, now you can go back and get your G.E.D.'"

As the old adage says, there's no rest for the weary.

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