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I solemnly swear that I am up to no good

If that's your life mantra, you came to the right place. Every Harry Potter fan knows that as mystical and eerie as the series can be, there is a life lesson to be had in every story, and a way to connect each day in the muggle world to something fantastic (or fantastical) in the wizarding world. 

Are you having a fight with your close friend because he's getting jealous of you and your third best friend? Simply have that friend take off his Horcrux. Having trouble balancing all the demands of your busy life? Simply get thyself a time-turner. And never, ever eat a jelly bean if you don't know what flavor it is.

Harry Potter can tell us a lot about ourselves, too. Everyone has a favorite when it comes to characters, individual books or films, or spells. Your particular wizardry leanings are like a telescope into your psyche; it provides endless insights with which to glean knowledge. Whether you're partial to Lumos or Expelliarmus, here are all the answers you're looking for. 

If your favorite spell is Lumos...You always find the positive in every situation. We wouldn't go so far as to call you naive, but you certainly aren't as focused on the bad things happening in the world as the rest of us. You're definitely afraid of the dark, and so help the person who accidentally comes up behind you in a hallway at night. You often find that you are the problem-solver in every situation, preferring to work things out and find common ground, rather than continue in conflict. Your best work is done when helping people, and if you're having career misgivings you would do best to seek out jobs that provide a service to others. 

If your favorite spell is Expelliarmus...Your personality can best be described as something in between cunning and conniving. Your personal mantra is that rules were meant to be broken, and you can always find the best way to do things just a little bit off-books. That said, you never get caught (you're conniving adjacent, remember?). Your competitive, almost to a fault, but it really comes in handy during group sports. You're in every rec league possible, and you're always the first one to be drafted. Give flag football a try next season, and we can bet that you'll be the only one to slip a two-handed tackle without being called for a foul.

If your favorite spell is Stupefy...You live for shocking others, and you'll do anything to get a reaction. Dirty jokes? Slightly un-P.C. statements? Crazy hair colors? Bring it on. You get bored easily, and are at your best when you're being challenged and moving at the speed of light. Sure, it's hard for others to keep up, but if you manage to find friends and lovers who can live life at your pace, then you know you've found your match. You would do best to keep as many of those people around you as possible. Just remember to limit the dirty jokes when you're at the office; not everyone "gets" you.

If your favorite spell is Avada Kedavra...Girl, you a murderer.

If your favorite spell is Accio...Some might call you lazy. Or, are you resourceful? After all, why do something yourself when something or someone else can do it for you. The phrase "Work harder, not smarter," is basically your life mantra. And while it might not always result in doing things in the most admirable fashion, you certainly find yourself ahead of the class most of the time. At work, your a first-class delegator. At the gym, you know you're going to get more results if you hire a personal trainer than if you try and motivate yourself. In the bedroom...well, we'll stop there. Just know that we officially give you permission to keep on keepin' on this way, because you're going to get the last laugh.

If your favorite spell is Alohomora...Handy is your middle name. Everyone knows to call on you when something isn't going right in their life, whether they need help with a rickety door handle or a clogged sink or killing a spider. It can be a bit of a drag, but just know that these friends appreciate you far more than they light on. But, be wary of pigeon-holing yourself in your relationships; you can use your power for far more intriguing problems than just household emergencies. Try being there for a friend on an emotional level, and we can bet they'll remember it. If not, at least you know that you'll never have to pay for services at your own home. 

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