Stranger Things, Peanuts, Mashup

Youtube: OnlyLeigh

A Stranger Things x Peanuts mashup exists and it's the Christmas movie parody you never knew you needed. The short, named A Stranger Things Christmas, a play on A Charlie Brown Christmas, was created by Leigh Lahav and Oren Mendez. In the adorable mashup, Will Beyers comes home an anxious wreck after his time in the Upside Down. Will struggles to overcome his post-Upside Down anxiety, and he enlists the help of Peanutified Dustin, Eleven, Lucas, and Mike. "I like that I'm not trapped in the Upside Down and hiding from monsters anymore," Will says to Dustin as the scene begins. "But I'm still not happy," he continues, as we see him hack up that disgusting black slug. "Will Beyers. You're the only person I know who can be rescued from a mysterious paranormal universe and still find a way to feel crummy about it," Dustin replies. Zing, bro. Zing.  

Will follows his lisp-riddled advice, and visits Eleven at her Psychiatric Help booth à la Lucy van Pelt. When Eleven's only advice is to get down with some Eggos in order to feel better, Lucas suggests that Will ask his traumatized mother for help. Of course, because this is a Peanuts mashup, every adult speaks like a trumpet, so she's no help either. Mike tries to cheer him up with a little Stranger Things theme song on his Schroeder-style piano, as their friends dance around them.

Judging from that look in his eye, that song is clearly a trigger, as Will looks even more traumatized. Shout out to what appears to be Nancy and Steve (that hair, though!) dancing in that scene as well. A mini Demogorgon takes the place of Snoopy, and Will finally breaks down over his anxiety. We won't reveal what happens in the next few scenes, but it does end well. Also, somebody by the name of Barb makes a special cameo. Yeah, we said it. Barb makes a cameo. Well, Peanuts Barb at least. 

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