James Corden


James Corden has been holding out on us.

The Late Late Show host sometimes has his celebrity guests play the stomach-churning game called "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts." If players choose not to answer the personal questions asked of them, they have to take a bite of a truly disgusting food. Examples include beef tongue, scorpions and salmon smoothies. You get the idea.

Many stars have been great sports and have answered the burning questions that viewers would love to know. Others have given the audience a fair balance of answering some questions while choosing to ingest the food instead of risking hurting someone's feelings. But there's one person who has been asked the same two questions time and time again and he never answers: the host himself, Corden!

He has been asked the same two questions—or a variant of the same two questions—in each game: whom of the late-night hosts does he prefer and whom has he turned down for Carpool Karaoke?

Other varieties of the two topics include comparing Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel or whom was his least favorite Carpool Karaoke? Time and time again, Corden opts for the gross food over giving an answer. Now we totally understand why he might not want to come clean—he doesn't want to burn bridges, after all—but there are definitely ways to answer in his cute, comedic way that would be somewhat informative while playing it safe. 

What those answers would look like, we can't say for sure, but so far everyone who has appeared on Carpool Karaoke has done a fantastic job—and are already A-list stars—so even being named the worst wouldn't be so bad because he or she has already made it!

As for the Kimmel-Fallon question, Corden could give a non-answer by saying they both have their pros and cons. It would be a total non-answer, but at least it's not a copout.

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