Ryan Lochte, Dog

Twitter, Ray Tamarra/GC Images

It's not easy keeping track of a dog's age. Do you go by human years or dog years—or maybe some combination of the two?

Ryan Lochte seemingly ran into this conundrum while celebrating his beloved dog Carter's birthday on Sunday. An astute tweeter by the name of @wholegrainne noticed that Ryan wished Carter a happy 8th birthday in 2014, 2015 and again in 2016!

It didn't take long for @wholegrainne's screen grabs of Carter's repeat big 0-8 to get some media attention...

Ryan, who definitely deserves some credit for remembering and celebrating his dog's birthday, must have realized his dog was a bit older than he thought, because the Dancing With the Stars competitor deleted his most recent 8th B-Day tweet for Carter. In its place, he shared a sweet pic of his pup and corrected his age, tweeting, "9 years ago this handsome son of mine was born. Happy birthday buddy, many more to come! Love you! #mansbestfriend"

Haters gon' hate, but at least we know Ryan's a dog lover. And who cares if he doesn't focus on his loved ones getting older? He got the date right, and that's what matters.

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