'90s TV Catchphrases

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'90s Nostalgia Week, Theme Week

Once upon a time television was filled with multi-camera sitcoms populated with wise-cracking youths, asking, "Did I do that?" and declaring, "Eat my shorts!" That time was the ‘90s.

There was a time when you couldn't escape a Full House saying (and that's sort of happening now thanks to Fuller House on Netflix), or get by a day without seeing Bart Simpson and one of his many catchphrases on a t-shirt. Yes, the ‘90s were a magical time of TV catchphrases that still resonate today. Ask any child (or parent of a child) of the ‘90s what Baby Sinclair said on Dinosaurs and you will not be disappointed—you may be annoyed, but not disappointed.

Ready to travel back in time with us? To travel back to a time when things were simpler, a time when annoying neighbors ruled the TV airwaves, to the ‘90s. Find out which ‘90s TV catchphrase is the best right now.

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