This isn't the magical Disney ending so many fans had hoped for.

In case you missed the big news, E! News confirmed yesterday that Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan had broken up less than six months after getting engaged.

"Dove has decided this relationship isn't what she wants," Ryan shared on Twitter. "We still love each other very much. Please be sensitive, as this is painful."

Despite the tweet, fans were still left wondering what caused the Hollywood couple to put the brakes on their wedding. As it turns out, E! News has some new details.

"None of [Dove's] close friends are very fond of him and their relationship as they felt he …was using her for exposure," a source shared with E! News.

Dove Cameron, Ryan McCartan, Disney Couples


Some are also speculating that busy schedules could have also been a contributing force to the split. Just last month, E! News sat down with Ryan where the topic of wedding planning came up. At the time, there was no rush to run to the altar.

"She's so busy. I'm so busy. The last thing we want to do is turn it into another thing on the to-do list, you know what I mean?" the actor told E! News while promoting The Rocky Horror Picture Show. "I mean, we're infants—we're children—so we have a lot of time to plan and get it done, and it'll happen when it's supposed to."

The twosome first met as co-stars on the hit sitcom Liv and Maddie and took their romance public in August 2013. Known to fans as The Girl and the Dreamcatcher, the duo would later hit the road in 2015 as a musical duo.

And just this past April, Ryan announced his engagement to Dove on social media during his 1,000th post. 

"We were both very clear with each other that it was like, 'I know you're my person. You know you're my person. There's nobody else,'" Dove shared with People shortly after getting engaged. "But I knew he wanted to get married young—he had told me that."

With a change of plans, Ryan recently thanked his fans for their support.

"I love you all," he wrote on Twitter Wednesday night. "Thanks for keeping me up."

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