Justin Bieber, Santa Paul Mason

Getty Images' Yorkdale

You heard it here first—Santa is a Belieber. Well, not exactly. 

The #YorkdaleFashionSanta—the trendy, handsome, bearded model Paul Mason of Toronto's high-end retailer, Yorkdale Shopping Center—snapped quite the Instagram-worthy selfie with Justin Bieber on Saturday while on a shopping trip in his native country. 

Yorkdale uploaded the photo from their Instagram account while captioning the smiling twosome's meeting. 

"It's true! Celebs shop at #Yorkdale! Can you #beliebe it?! @Justinbieber + #YorkdaleFashionSanta…#YorkdaleCheer" the caption read. 

Cheery indeed! The pair posed for what may be the most swoon-worthy selfie of the season.

All cuteness aside, Bieber is just one of many Canadian shoppers to pose with the hip hometown hero. Yorkdale Mall has pledged to donate $1 for every selfie with Fashion Santa using the hashtag #YorkdaleFashionSanta.

A selfie-ready smile, velvety vocals, and a heart of gold? Check, check, and check for the "Sorry" singer. 

No word from the North Pole on the real Santa's Belieber status, but Canada is close enough, right?

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