If you hear someone in your office today suddenly scream out: "Where is this f--king panda?!" Don't worry, they aren't having a mental breakdown. They're just looking at the puzzle that is currently taking over the Internet.

Earlier this week, artist Gergely Dudás posted a very festive photo on his Facebook page that featured a plethora of snowmen. However, he put a panda in there to hide amongst the ranks of snowmen and it's up to us to find him before they figure out there's an imposter in the crowd!

(We wrote a backstory for the panda. It made the hunt more fun.)

Sounds easy, right? Wrong, bro. Wrong.

Check out the photo below and see if you can spot the panda:

Snowman Panda Puzzle


Don't listen to those rude folks on the Internet who are boasting that they found the panda in "like, 3 seconds." It's hard! So many white faces and black dots! Where is that damn panda?! It'll bring you back to those times you used to sit in your dentist's waiting room looking for that slippery little rascal Waldo at the circus. Ah, childhood.

Still haven't found him? We'll help you out. Stick to the right side. Once you find it, you won't be able to unsee it. We named him Frank.

And if you really struggled with finding Frank, you're definitely not alone. And if you did manage to find it, don't ruin it for your friends! And also don't be that person that stands over their shoulder and says stuff like: "You haven't found it yet?! OMG, I found it so quickly."

Happy hunting!

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