The tables have turned.

One of Tina Fey's most famous impersonations has been (and might always be) Sarah Palin, and as we know, she brought the former presidential hopeful back during her return to Saturday Night Live this weekend. But now, we're experiencing something completely different.

In an effort to give the comedienne a taste of her own medicine, Palin has decided to dish it back, and took on Fey's famous character Liz Lemon from 30 Rock for a spoof video titled 31 Rock.

In a parody trailer created by the Independent Journal Review, Palin puts her own Alaskan twist on Fey's beloved role, portraying the struggles of a TV writer, complete with demands for Big Gulps and complaints about a Starbucks cup without snowflakes (aka all of our daily struggles).

She even gets some assistance from her dear friends Sen. Lindsey Graham and former running mate, John McCain.

Would Tina Fey approve? Probably.

Get your first glimpse of 31 Rock, premiering maybe next year, up above!

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