Ronda Rousey, Travis Browne

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Ronda Rousey is one tough cookie, but when it comes to her boyfriend, Travis Browne, she's the ultimate softy.

The 28-year-old UFC fighter was spotted giving Browne some kisses as they left the gym Thursday morning. While getting into their car, Rousey and Browne paused to take a moment for themselves, packing on some rare PDA before continuing their date morning together.

Despite losing her high-profile fight against Holly Holm, Rousey looked plenty happy cozying up to her main man. But Friday night she'll be making another guy happy: Jarrod Haschert. Lance Corporal Haschert invited Rousey to his Marine Corps Ball in September, and the fighter accepted! Now a source tells E! News that she and Haschert are meeting up before the big event tonight so they can go together.

Ronda Rousey, Travis Browne


"She's en route now with a friend," the source tells us. "She and Jarrod will arrive at the ball together, so they're going to meet up beforehand."

Sports Illustrated reported Thursday that Rousey backed out of the event last minute, but our source confirms that's not the case. "Ronda wanted to honor her commitment, she wanted to go," the source adds. "She'll be wearing a floor-length gown."

Haschert's video invitation to Rousey went viral in August, with more than 4 million people viewing his digital love letter. The super athlete responded to his invitation in a video posted on TMZ. "I actually can go but I don't know how to hit him up and say 'I want to go with you!'" she said at the time.

"I would go for sure." 

Not only did she say yes, she also added, "He's cute!"

—Additional reporting by Beth Sobol

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