Drew Barrymore, Holiday Card


Drew Barrymore's holiday card features her adorable two daughters, Olive Kopelman and Frankie Kopelman, but noticeably absent is her husband, Will Kopelman.

In one photo the Charlie's Angels actress looks insanely happy as she faces her younger daughters, 1. In the other she looks just as content holding a small bouquet of wild flowers with Olive. You can't see her kids' faces in either photo, but the joy can't be missed.

"Happy holidays," the card reads. "Love, Drew."

But why didn't Will make the cut? The card is part of her ongoing collaboration with Shutterfly, and a source tells E! News that there's nothing more to it than that.

"This was clearly a promo for Shutterfly and is not Drew and Will's real holiday card," the source insists. "That's why it only features Drew's image and nobody else's."

Barrymore previously opened up to E! News about her family life and how she has been blessed with a great extended family, too. "I love my in-laws. It's like I'm defying the clichés because we're all so close," she joked. 

Drew Barrymore, Will Kopelman

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Even though she has two gorgeous daughters, a handsome husband and great in-laws, life hasn't always been roses for the He's Just Not That Into You star. In her new book, Wildflower, Barrymore opens up about her struggle with postpartum depression after the birth of Frankie. She also told us while promoting Miss You Already, her newest film, why she decided to write the chapter.

"The chapter that I wrote that includes Toni [Collette] is called 'Post-Pardon Me,' but really it's just a wonderful little exploration of how you just try to find the balance of it all. And it is a beautiful time and an emotional time and an overwhelming time" Barrymore said.

"But it's where you call on yourself to become that strong and amazing nurturing animal and conquer everything and get ahead of it," she continued, adding, "It's just an amazing transition, but it is a transition."

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