Justin Theroux, Instagram


Welcome to Instagram, Justin Theroux!

The 44-year-old actor and screenwriter launched his account Wednesday and shared his first photo with fans: a moody black and white selfie. Theroux follows 26 accounts, including ones belonging to Will Arnett, Robert Downey Jr., Amy Sedaris, and his Leftovers co-star Liv Tyler. Theroux, who appears solo in a lush landscape, wrote a succinct caption for the picture: "#on."

Hey, he already knows how to use hashtag and filters! Bravo!

Just don't expect Theroux's wife, actress Jennifer Aniston, to ever sign up for an Instagram account of her very own. Seven months ago, the Mother's Day star took over Living Proof's Instagram account for a day but later admitted that social media is just not for her. "I was so stressed out, sweating bullets," the 46-year-old actress told People. "It was too much pressure."

Aniston also argued that using too many social media platforms—like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter— could be negatively affecting today's youth. "Kids aren't speaking to each other anymore," the former Friends actress said. "I was with friends of ours from Vermont and their two kids don't have an iPhone or an iPad. They were 9 and 12 and were the most interesting young adults. Seeing other kids on their [cell phones] all the time, it makes me sad."

Theroux, admittedly, is a more interested in technology than his wife. In fact, he often plays XBox games with his celebrity friends, which Aniston simply doesn't comprehend. "Wifey is like, 'Where are you?' She still doesn't see it as a social app," he told E! News last month, just before Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 hit shelves. "Like, I am hanging out with my friends—technically—and she's like, 'No. You are sitting there watching a TV playing a game.' She's not understanding!"

Thankfully, Aniston doesn't interfere with his game play.

"She knows that I love it," Theroux said, "so she's very tolerant."

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