We always wondered what the chanting/grunting was in the beginning of Chris Brown and Rita Ora's new single, "Body on Me," but we think we've figured it out: It's the sound of their sexual frustration.

The singers released the music video for their new summer slow jam Tuesday, and both can't help but picture what could be (sexually) between them. First meeting in a rundown apartment building's elevator, both Brown and Ora want each other, and they want each other badly. No surprise here, though, as these are some of the lyrics:

"Put you up against the wall / And I'ma go to work 'til you get up / Baby, soon as / you're done we'll go some more / Girl just imagine us," Brown sings.

"You're taking me there, you're taking me there / Our lips are barely touching / So do it again, so do it again / We could be on to something," Ora responds.

Rita Ora, Chris Brown, Body on Me


While they ride the elevator together, the video juxtaposes scenes of them getting pretty steamy. But then they go their separate ways into their own respective apartments. Brown immediately takes off his shirt and puts his abs on display while Ora writhes around in her bra after removing her own shirt. In between scenes of the performers doing their own thing are images of Ora dancing completely topless with only a British flag covering her up—now that's nationalism.

After Brown decides he has had enough of his imagination and lust, he finds Ora's window and knocks on it to grab her attention. Elated, Ora runs away with him to a nearby rooftop dressed in cut-off jean shorts, a white tank top and thigh-high red boots.

They dance the night away with one another, but not everything is as it seems.

Watch the music video above to see how Ora and Brown's lustful romance ends!

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