Penis Weather Map


Age is nothing but a number, especially when it comes to laughing at inappropriate things. made a graphic to show that Tuesday was going to be a rainy one in New Jersey, but the image ended up forming into a familiar (and naughty) shape.

Yep, it ended up looking like a penis, and a helpful viewer brought this to the attention of the guys in the WGN weather office.

The news anchors tried to keep it professional, but they couldn't help but start giggling over the phallic-shaped weather map to the point where they could barely talk.

But when they managed to get words out, it was all penis innuendos. "East coast getting the shaft," one of the guys said, while another snuck in, "They call that a rod of high pressure."


Seriously though, that is a serious downpour coming. Luckily, it looks like the north east is getting just the tip.

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