Woman love wine; this is no secret. Wine with dinner, wine with brunch, wine before SoulCycle. We'll drink it whenever, wherever, so long as it doesn't come from a box. Oh hell, who are we kidding? We wouldn't turn down boxed wine.

But for decades our culture has been overlooking one glaringly obvious point: Men can love wine too! Who says that they have to be stuck trying to gulp down a heavy bread-like IPA on a hot summer day when what they really want is a tall refreshing glass of rosé? And what's more, men drinking wine is actually totally awesome. And hot. Very hot.

How do know this, when sadly all of the male species we know are still pretending to like Coors Light? Because of the new Instagram account appropriately titled Men & Wine. And it's just that: pictures of men with wine. The feed models itself after its many successful predecessors, such as Hot Dudes Reading or Men & Coffee. It's the most simplistic formula, really, but a totally genius one. 

And, in the words of the venerable Stefon, this Instagram account has everything!

Australian men drinking wine.

Tattooed men drinking wine.

Bearded men drinking wine.

Tan men drinking wine.

Men drinking wine at home.

Men drinking wine at the beach.

Men drinking wine in the bathtub.

And more importantly, men drinking wine with their dogs.

Have we lost you yet? Have you disappeared into the abyss of deep liking? There's no shame here, people. Creep away...we'll be right alongside you.

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