Kendall Jenner, Nick Jonas

Getty Images; REX

Awesome new couple alert!

Or worst couple ever alert, depending on whom you ask.

News that Kendall Jenner and Nick Jonas are in the early stages of a romance took the Twitterverse by storm today, with some fans instantly shipping the bejesus out of these two. (And the fact that Gigi Hadid helped bring them together, as Kendall's bestie and Joe Jonas' new main squeeze? Icing on the love cake!)

But then an equal amount of people think that the model and the singer are just wrong-with-a-capital-W for each other.

While objectively we should all be delighted that some people are coupling up rather than breaking up this summer, we understand the other point of view, too. Sometimes fans just get jealous...

Behold: The shippers!

And on the other side: The naysayers!

Meanwhile, here's someone who's on the fence:

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