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Good lord!

Kim Kardashian tweeted a pic yesterday of her with little sis Khloé Kardashian Odom and AnnaLynne McCord (if you can see her) on the set of 90210. The Kardashian girls are making a cameo next season, see.

Now, we get that being in shape is sort of a necessity for an actress in Hollywood, but holy moly, Kellan Lutz's GF needs to be keeping up with some f-o-o-d:

We heart AnnaLynne, she's a total sweetheart, but the naturally thin babe seems to be shrinking every time we see her. The gal has always been tiny, but here she just looks gaunt. Keys to the crypt anyone?

Just take a look at Kim and Khloé! Those babes look fierce and gorg with a little curves on 'em. We think Miss McCord would look that much hotter with a little more meat on her.

What about you?

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