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We first met Parrish Maguire when he was just a young movie-starrin' gay. Then we checked in on him and found out that the dimpled diva was starting to get his serious gay public places. How very Toothy Tile of him! You go, boy!

So what's the stud, whose fame is on the rise every friggin' day, doin' now that's catching our radar? Or gaydar. Duh...

The darling, adorable, dimpled Parrish has been getting even more comfortable with the gay community, frequenting a famous Hollywood social player's pad more and more lately. The party host has been known to have notoriously gay bashes, inviting only the hottest of the hot (and they just keep getting younger, don't they?).

And since most everyone at these hotass bashes is out and proud—or at least that's what you'd think—little is done not in the open. Indeed, these are the same shindigs some of our other sexually swingin' Blind-Vice alums have been going to for ages!

How terribly boy-on-boy chic.

So, Parrish is one of the host's new favorite boys. And from the way Parrish has been acting at these gatherings, you'd think the guy was ready to come out in a freakin' People article tomorrow. But trust, he's not doing that any time soon—let's give it at least two more years.

What the heck is Pare-Pare thinking? How would his devoted fan base react to the news that this little hunk is getting it on with other little hunks in increasingly public places? And why have none of the other partygoers ratted him out?

We think it's 'cause no one wants to be kicked out of these sex-filled get-togethers, to be perfectly honest. Once you're in, you're in, and that circle of celebs is far too elite to risk getting booted by blabbing to the rags.

Then again, you're reading about it, aren't you?

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