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While you all patiently await the premiere coverage of Eclipse that we've got for you—and trust, we've got tons—we figured we've got to tide you over for those painstaking few hours until all the action starts happening live on E! Online.

Lucky for you, we ran into a couple Twi castmembers—the always gorgeous Christian Serratos and wolf pack vixen Tinsel Korey—at that Nylon shindig this week in West Hollywood.

We pressed the two lovely ladies to see if we could get any delicious insight into the on-set relationships between the cast:

Do you ever play pranks on the newcomers?

Christian Serratos: I haven't pulled any, but I'm pretty sure there's been at least one. I mean, with the people in this cast, it would be rare that nobody would pull a smart-ass prank.

Who's the biggest troublemaker on set?

Tinsel Korey: Bronson [Pelletier]. He plays a character named Jared and he is complete trouble. But you know, we all like to play pranks on each other.

C.S.: There are so many troublemakers. I feel like it was Edi [Gathegi], Peter [Facinelli] and I don't know who else. Everyone has that little sassiness in them, you know? That little fun quality.

How do you welcome the new cast?

C.S.: It started off with a core, like, 10 of us. And now there's something stupid like 30. But the more, the merrier. At first, I feel like New Moon came around and new people started coming in, and it was kind of awkward. It's always awkward when new people come in any situation—work, school, anything. So it was a little interesting, but after a while, it just is a family that's growing and growing and growing. We all just became best friends and what's great is that we stay friends. Even when we're not filming, we're still hanging out.

Do the girls ever go somewhere and dish about the guys?

T.K.: Yes! They're always doing, like, push-ups and pull-ups and all this testosterone stuff, and you just have to let them do their thing. [The girls] have lunches to talk about all that.

Do you ever get distracted by Taylor Lautner's body?

T.K.: He looks fantastic. You know, you have to be professional. But I mean, I do watch who's having an extra cupcake every so often. That's my job!

What's the biggest secret nobody knows about the cast?

C.S.: We're all fatties. We all go out to eat a lot.

What's the feeling like, going into opening weekend?

T.K.: It's crazy! I saw pictures of Twilight tent city, and it was crazy! This one is gonna be off the chain. It's gonna be great.

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