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Enjoying the return of True Blood? Then you'll really appreciate this bloody good news: HBO has just confirmed its hit vampire series will return for a fourth season!

Meanwhile, if you saw last night's episode, you have questions. What's up with that mysterious dude Franklin? Is Sookie's new "bodyguard" Alcide going to seduce her away from Bill? And oh yeah, what's it really like to see Alexander Skarsgard fully naked? (I don't care, ahem, but word on the street is some of you fans do.)

Also, when does the jaw-dropping vampire porn really begin?

Here's what James Frain (Franklin), Kristin Bauer (Pam) and Joe Manganiello (Alcide) tell me...

Check out the video:

First, you should know: There will be two big sex shockers in this Sunday's third episode of True Blood. Get ready!

Also, things with Franklin get really freaky--in more ways than one.

According to James Frain, here's what's up with Franklin: "I can tell you that I've been sent on a mission, I got a little thing for Tara and that means that we take it somewhere a little hot...and then I can't tell you anymore." So how hot will it get? Well, watch the clip above for some gory details, but James also says this about how he prepared for the role: "I just had a lot of sex, for practice. On the night, you want to be very focused." What dedication to the craft!

Joe Manganiello describes his character Alcide as a "bodyguard" for Sookie and says either "bonding"--or "bondage?!"--happens.

(See the clip above and decipher for yourself.)

And we know for sure bondage will happen with Alexander's character, Eric, who shows more skin this season than ever before. And Kristin Bauer (Pam) gets to witness a lot of it. Here's how she describes those "work" days: "You know you walk in and there's Skarsgård and you're like, 'Oh, all right. OK. [Gives elevator eyes.] OK, let's do the scene.' And then around take 12 I'm like, 'Oh my god! OK, yeah, right. I'm an adult. Why am I acting like this?' Every single day I'm on this show, at one point I look around and go, 'This is a job, we're at work.'"

Kristin also teases this for Pam for the remainder of the season: "Everything with Pam gets pushed and we find out so much more about her and her sexuality, which you've seen, her vulnerability, her loyalty, her strength, her physical strength, her history with Eric. All the questions that I've been having for two years have been getting answered and explored. It's really challenging and really, really fun."

And for anyone wondering if Eric and Pam might ever have a little steaminess together, Kristin puts it this way: "Well we wondered for a season, and Alex and I used to say, 'Were we lovers?' And we would joke like, 'Yeah, the first 50 years were sexy and hot, the next have 200 cooled off.' I've been married a year, we're doing fine, but I don't know how you do it when you're 97."

Um, not even with Alex? Just sayin' what "the people" are thinking here. It's my journalistic duty!

Are you digging True Blood this season? Who do you think will take part in the two sex shockers? Hint: One happens at the very beginning of the episode and one happens at the end. Keep your eyes peeled and put the kiddies to bed!


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