Toy Story 3


The summer's back. (Mostly.)

Toy Story 3 grossed a blockbuster $109 million at the weekend box office, estimates showed.

Then there was Josh Brolin's and Megan Fox's Jonah Hex, which proved a throwback to the season's lesser days of Macgruber

The $40 million comic-book Western debuted with a barely there $5.09 million on nearly 3,000 screens. Among comic-spawned flicks, Jonah Hex ranks down there with The Phantom and The Spirit for ineptitude, per Box Office Mojo stats.

The bomb comes at a bad time, career-wise, for Fox, who either jumped or was pushed from the Transformers franchise.


Toy Story 3, the storied franchise's first new entry in more than 10 years, posted the second-biggest opening-weekend gross for an animated film. Among all movies, its debut ranks 10th all-time.

• Jaden Smith's The Karate Kid, which helped energize the summer box office with its No. 1 showing last weekend, held well, with a second-place, $29 million finish. Overall, it's grossed $106 million domestically.

All things considered, The A-Team held well, too, with a third-place, $13.8 million weekend. Its nearly $50 million domestic total leaves it a long way still from its reputed $100 million-ish budget.

Iron Man 2 ($2.7 million), the summer's first $100 million opener, crossed the $300 million domestic mark. 

Sex and the City 2 ($2.4 million) ended its run in the Top 10 after three much-maligned weekends, but  a respectable $90.2 million take. Overall, the $100 million comedy was a winner, with a $200 million-plus worldwide gross, per Box Office Mojo.

The summer heated up on the art-house circuit, too, with the John C. Reilly-Jonah Hill comedy, Cyrus, averaging a weekend-best, Toy Story 3-topping $45,072 at four screens, for an overall take of $180,289.

The word's out on sneak previews for Tom Cruise's and Cameron Diaz's Knight & Day, opening Wednesday, and the word was good, with numerous sell-outs reported.  

Here's a complete look at the weekend's top-grossing films, per Friday-Sunday estimates compiled by Exhibitor Relations:

  1. Toy Story 3, $109 million
  2. The Karate Kid, $29 million
  3. The A-Team, $13.8 million
  4. Get Him to the Greek, $6.1 million
  5. Shrek Forever After, $5.5 million
  6. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, $5.3 million
  7. Killers, $5.1 million
  8. Jonah Hex, $5.09 million
  9. Iron Man 2, $2.7 million
  10. Marmaduke, $2.65 million

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