Julia Roberts, Eat, Pray, Love

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With all the excitement over Eclipse, we almost forgot there's another summer flick we're dying to see: Eat, Pray, Love. Why you ask? Julia friggin' Roberts! We have to say we're pretty jealous of her from the looks of her newest movie, which brings up a few subjects a lot more pertinent than Chace Crawford's stupid Mary Jane charge.

Let's get to what really matters in life:

Still-sexy Julia gets some Latin loving courtesy the always studly Javier Bardem (damn, Penélope Cruz is one lucky babe) and cuddle time with yum-yum James Franco. Let us count for you: That's two Last Real Man contenders. Not too shabby, if we say so ourselves.

And what's got our mouth watering even more is all that food! Pizza, gelato...Ugh, makes us want to cry when we think about the newest fad diet we're constantly trying. Hollywood, you've ruined us!

But what about you? Which needs an upgrade more: your low-key love life or your dietary woes?

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