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"I like a guy that is physical—that plays sports. That, you know, is stronger than me. Which isn't hard, but I like a guy who has a little bit of dirt under his finger nails and someone who could fix a broken sink."

—Über-hot model Marisa Miller when asked at Spike TV's Guy's Choice Awards what makes a man truly manly. Figured we'd ask the leading expert on all things sexy since there was so much debate during our Last Real Man in Hollywood competition

M2 will have no problem finding her type in T-town, as more and more hunks seem to be going the way of grunge.

You know, that Gerard Butler type—all greasy muscles and unshaven scruff. Though, on second thought, we're sure Gerry hasn't fixed a sink in a long time.

Hell, even Chace Crawford has ditched his metro goodness for the lumberjack look with a side of marijuana possession.

And while we totally support the filthification of these fine fellows, we're sure Marisa would agree that so hot can be one thing, but when you're pitted against a week's worth of B.O. or scraggly neck beard...

Got that, Brad Pitt?

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