Jesse James

It's nice to know there's at least one woman involved in the Jesse James scandal who's keen on maintaining her dignity. But since Sandra Bullock's still not talking, we're forced to turn our attention to James' classy by default (alleged) mystery mistress no. 4.

Last week, as she is wont to do, Gloria Allred thrust herself into the media storm, announcing she was representing a "beautiful model and businesswoman" who claimed to have carried on a three-year relationship with James which ended only after the Bombshell bombshell broke.

The mystery babe, who supposedly had hundreds of texts, emails and photos to back up her story, was deciding whether or not to cash in at Sandra's expense come forward to aid in her healing process. Today we get our answer.

"I can confirm that she has decided not to tell her story," Allred told E! News. "I have no other comment."

Which is her way of saying she won't be addressing speculation that her client's about-face was in any way inspired by a big check. Well played, Allred. Well played.


Not all of Jesse's alleged gals are in hiding. Check out our gallery of his classy ladies.

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