Twilight, Eclipse, Poster

Summit Entertainment

Ahhh! It's the Eclipse poster with Bella front and center while Edward and Jacob hang out all angry in background! Looks like we're supposed to be Team Bella this time around. LOL, yeah right.

Why does new Twilight stuff always turn us into an excited ball of nonsense? Guess that's just what happens to everyone. Plus, the past couple of weeks have been a pretty big deal with the trailer and then the scene from the New Moon DVD where Edward and Bella lie in bed!

Admittedly, this poster looks like all the rest just with darker colors, which must mean everything's about to get real. No more moping around while the seasons pass by, time to take action. And "It all begins...with a choice." Who's in?!


But seriously, why is June 30 taking so long to get here? Chill in our Total Eclipse gallery.

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