Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi

Roger Wong/INFphoto.com

Now that Jake Pavelka and fiancé Vienna Girardi are shacking up in Los Angeles--so the Bachelor can shoot Dancing with the Stars and Jakey can get even more Hollywood famous—the cunning twosome has figured out all the paparazzi-friendly destinations, such the shocker. But, hey,  is Vienna in for an unpleasant surprise herself?

But, let’s back up a bit: the posing couple had an appointment-filled weekend, attending the OK! Oscar party and the Weinstein Company and Montblac’s Academy Award party at Soho House, where an occasional A-list celeb was wondering who the hell they were.

A far more noteworthy showing, however, was when Jake and Vienna had a public fight just last week, in which Jake was acting awfully controlling…

J and V hit the celebrity haunt Koi in West Hollywood last week, of course, and all the dirty deets are emerging about the not-so-nice guy's behavior, bit by bit:

According to Life & Style, Jake and Vienna each ordered one drink with their dinner. But, when the waiter came back and asked if they would like another, Jake prevented Vienna from ordering one. Ohnohedidn't!

Sources spill that Jake didn't want to have another drink because he had to get up the next morning for DWTS. Therefore, he made sure Vienna was going to stop drinking, as well. We're surprised Jake just didn't throw Vienna over his shoulder and carry her out of Koi, back to his cave.

News flash, Vienna: A controlling BF is no good!

We've already alerted the world to the fact that Mr. P. is trying hard—too hard?—to finagle his celebrity image, so, just a word of advice, girlfriend. If Jake pulls that you-are-doing-what-I-say biz one more time...run for The Hills and get your own damn show.

I mean, with that cleavage you bought, isn't that a better fit for you anyway?


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