Jake, Vienna, The Bachelor


How much did you love The Bachelor finale? How much did you love Jay Leno's Tonight Show return? How much did you love the Winter Olympics?

The surprising answers in the latest TV ratings quiz:

1. When was the last time you felt this deeply about The Bachelor? More than six years ago. The franchise's just-concluded 14th season was its most watched since the days of Bachelor Bob Guiney, ABC said.

2. True or false: Given your apparent love for Bachelor Jake Pavelka, last night's mountaintop proposal set a new finale record. False. For now. While a whole lot of people watched—15 million, per early estimates—even more (15.5 million) watched Jason Mesnick pop the question to the wrong beloved. But… ABC expects the final numbers to go up, so Bachelor Jake still has a shot at gold.

3. How did your plan to shun Jay Leno work? Horribly. Leno's Tonight Show re-premiere killed David Letterman's Late Show. In the nation's top TV markets on Monday, Leno's ratings were almost double Letterman's. Scientists were still determining how much credit should go to Betty White.

4. Did the Winter Olympics rate a gold, silver or bronze? For NBC, the ratings were golden. All time, though, the Vancouver games rank second behind the Nancy Kerrigan-Tonya Harding show in Lillehammer in 1994: 190 million viewers to 204 million.

Stay tuned for more questions, plus the week's Top 10


Get the blow-by-blow rundown of Bachelor Jake's proposal to Vienna right here!

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