The preview for Jessica Simpson's new reality show, The Price of Beauty, is out. It looks kind of fun and endearing to us, anyone else interested in it?

• Courtney Love wants to know: "do you ever feel like spite hate f--king @johncmayer just to put him in his place?"

• Kendra tells In Touch she suffered from depression after Hank's birth, but don't call it postpartum. "It wasn't complete postpartum depression. I was just going through some things that every woman deals with afterward—like the way my body looked."

Like every good reality-star mom, Octomom went clubbing in NYC last night.

• Kevin Smith is still whining about that Southwest thing. Now he's unsatisfied with the media's coverage of it. "They're really pathetic. I was unfairly bounced and discriminated against, but they never bothered to tell that story. They just went with the easy fat jokes." He's also mad at people giving his movie bad reviews.

• Miley Cyrus and Brett Michaels recorded a song together in what Miley considers a "rad collaboration" about getting undressed. This is what it sounds like.

• Gwyneth Paltrow is talking in vague terms about friends she used to like but now hates again.


That would be Johnny Depp in our Big Pic gallery, killing you with hotness.

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