Andrew Koenig, Walter Koenig

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Although Walter and Judith Koenig bailed on last night's Larry King Live, there is no hard feelings on the network's part.

"Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with them, and we hope they find their son soon,” a CNN rep tells E! News.

The spokesman declined to comment on why the couple decided not to appear on-air to discuss their missing son, Andrew, but a source close to the situation says the parents just became too upset.

Walter and Judith, in Vancouver to help look for Andrew—who was last seen in the city 11 days ago—had been standing by in their hotel room waiting to appear. But the couple were forced to wait as King did segments on the fatal orca attack at Sea World and the Toyota hearings in Congress, and ultimately decided to cancel. The insider said the couple were noticeably fatigued and distraught.

Walter Koenig, who played Chekhov in the original Star Trek, and his wife appeared on the Today show earlier Wednesday and then issued a statement directly appealing to their missing son.

Their daughter, Danielle, appeared on King's show on Tuesday night to discuss her brother's disappearance.


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