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The weeklong waiting game to see whether Conrad Murray finally faces charges in the death of Michael Jackson will be carrying on a little bit longer.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office has confirmed that "nothing will be filed today in the Michael Jackson death case." Instead, they're assuring the public that "a case will be filed on Monday, Feb. 8."

In place of the scheduled arraignment, Murray's defense team will instead be holding a press conference at 1:30 p.m. at a park near the courthouse in order to answer questions about the case.

Which we're guessing may take awhile.

"It's unbelievable," Miranda Sevcik, the spokeswoman for one of Murray's many lawyers, Ed Chernoff, told E! News this morning of the DA's continued feet-dragging on filing any charges.

"I don't want people to think negotiations broke down because of anything we did. We bent over backwards."

In fact, earlier today, they fully intended on showing up for Murray's arraignment, regardless of whether any charges had been filed. Of course, the problem there would've been that you can't cop a plea to a charge that has yet to be filed against you, but it was a nice gesture all the same.

"They're spending a lot of money and time that your city and state can't afford to spend on this," Sevcik said of the massive amount of resources that the back-and-forth has wasted. "I can say definitively it's very indulgent on the part of the LAPD and D.A. to drag this out. It's so unnecessary.

"Everything Ed does, he asks, 'Is this in my client's best interest?' And if it's not, he doesn't do it. To draw this out is in no one's best interest."

Except maybe Murray's.

—Reporting by Lindsay Miller


On the bright side, this means that Connie will be free to watch the Super Bowl this weekend. Get everything we've got on the big game.

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