Remember that whole Mel Gibson's DUI arrest/anti-Semitic rant thing?

Yeah, we do, too. But that's all in the past, people.

Still, the actor-director, who's out promoting his new film Edge of Darkness, appears to retain strong feelings about the situation. So much so that he called a reporter an "asshole" on TV for bringing it up.

When interviewed on WGN in Chicago, the actor bristled when asked about events of the past (though Gibson did, um, ask reporter Dean Richards to elucidate which parts of his past might be referring to).

Things got tense—which could have allowed Mel to quip, "You think this is tense, check out Edge of Darkness!" Instead, they finished up the interview, after which Gibson loudly swigged his coffee and muttered his withering put-down.

At least he didn't call him "sugartits."


At times like this, it's best to focus on The Big Picture

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