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We’re somewhat awesome here at The Soup Blog—we wouldn’t say it if weren’t true—and, as a result, we’ve had multiple occasions to engage in scintillating conversation with many of our day’s biggest stars and personalities.

Upon waking this morning, we found the following text message awaiting us:
“On further consideration, I think it was a Klingon.”

The sender? No surprise, it was George Clooney. We won’t bore you with the details of the exchange that led up to his memorandum. Suffice it to say that if you know "the Cloon," you’ve been on the receiving end of this discussion more often than you’d prefer.

The whole thing got us to thinking that perhaps our readers may enjoy browsing through a random sampling of text messages we’ve received over the years from luminaries, public figures and others of less renown. Well, no sooner assumed than done, friends, and now, you’re welcome.

Steven Spielberg: “What’s up? Home alone. Up for anything. Call me. Let’s go out. I got nothing here. So bored. Call k?”

Randy Jackson: “Taking pug to vet for flea bath. Li’l itchy dog.”

Hermione Granger: “can’t meet @ Nobu. I’m still fictional :( ”

Steven Spielberg: “Jus checkin in. Haven’t heard back. Still here.”

Alyssa Milano: “thx 4 a magical evening! U were my 1st!”

Bea Arthur: “thx 4 a magical evening! U were my last!”

Joel McHale: "who gave you this number?"

Steven Spielberg: “OK guess U R out 2nite. Have fun. Going to bed. Call 2morrow!!!”

Danny Bonaduce: “no drinx 4 me dude. on the wagon. still into violence tho.”

Oprah Winfrey: “Need guest 4 tomorrows show. Know any shifty Dr.s?”

Steven Spielberg: “Can’t sleep. Come over if you want. I will be up. Freezer full of Ben & Jerry's!”


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