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Bon jour, mes chers! Greetings from the 48th Monte Carlo Television Festival in beautiful Monaco on the Mediterranean!

OK, so I'm not really there, per se. (I'm actually at my office in the beautiful mid-Wilshire tar pit area of Los Angeles—sooo glamorous!) But I did send a lucky bastard of a correspondent, Bryan Reesman, all the way across the pond to get some face time with the TV stars attending this year's fest in Monte Carlo, and I had a banana-Nutella crepe and an Orangina for lunch today, so that sorta counts, right?

All this week, some of our favorite TV peeps (Lee Pace, Jorge Garcia, Naveen Andrews and more) are soaking in the French sun while meeting up with international press, and Bryan graciously packed some of your recently asked questions into his carry-on bag, so check back all this week for TV star Q&A's from the land of wine, cheese, l'amour and this week only...small-screen scoop!

Up first: the highly adorable Lee Pace! Click in for the Pushing Daisies news from Ned himself...

Will Ned and Chuck ever be able to touch? Is there a way out of that rule?
No, no way out! They can't. Ned and Chuck will never touch. If I touch her, she's dead.

Doesn't that make you sad?
No. It's good. It gives us something to play. It would be cheating if somehow we made it to the fifth season, and there's a special trick, like I hold my ear while I touch her it becomes OK. We have to keep the integrity of it.

Do you feel that's the heart of the show?
Yes, this show is very much about secrets and people who can't connect with each other. Ned can't touch anyone, Olive can't connect with the man she loves, and the aunts can't get out of their house. It's about people who can't connect and have lots and lots of secrets, and in the second season, which we start shooting on Monday, we really start digging up those secrets.

Will Ned and Chuck start seeing other people in season two?
Maybe. One of the big things that happens at the beginning of the second season is that Chuck moves out. So it's not going to be easy anymore for Ned. It's good. They need to see other people.

Is there a moral lesson we're supposed to take from a show where the lovers don't sleep together?
That wasn't the intention. Some people in America have interpreted it like that, and I don't think it's a bad thing. These are two people who love each other very much and choose to be together even though they're never going to get drunk and sleep together. It's not that show. I think it's kind of sexy that they can't touch. It's the longest foreplay ever.

—Reporting by Bryan Reesman

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