Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski, The Office

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It's Friday and Jam's in love!

And because of what we witnessed last night on NBC's The Office—Jim has a ring! For Pam! And she knows it! Yeee!—everyone here around Watch with Kristin headquarters (and that includes E! Online, E!, Style, G4 and the parking-lot attendants) are having a hard time focusing on anything other than Jammy goodness this fine spring morning.

(The chirping birds and singing angels aren't helping!)

So what does last night's episode mean for TV's most adorably swoon-worthy couple? Well, lucky for you, I hit the Dunder Mifflin set two days ago and talked to nearly every single member while I was there. Yay! So here's what I can tell you...

John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, The Office

Byron J. Cohen/NBC

"Nothing. I can tell you nothing."

If I had a penny for every time an Office star told me that this week, let's just say I could be a life-time sponsor of Andrew Bernard's loafers. Arrrgh!

And so the true juice you need to know about what's in store for this season's Office finale is that it is something so huge, so unexpected, that Greg Daniels and his team are going to extreme lengths—employing tactics they have never used before—to keep everything top secret as far as what will happen.

We're talking lengths that make Lost's and 24's secret keepers look like kindergarten hall monitors!

Ladies and gentleman, a small taste of what the Office folks are doing to keep you unspoiled:

  • The castmembers have been told not to say anything about the season finale, including the episode title, whether they appear in it or even if the show is still called The Office!
  • For the first time ever while doing a set visit (yes, that includes Lost and 24!), I was asked to sign a confidentiality agreement before doing any interviews—as were our crew guys and even the show publicists who work for NBC!
  • At least one scene of The Office's last two episodes of the season was shot in front of a green screen. (To throw off any onlookers?) I'm told security was tight.
  • Members of the cast and crew said they must turn in their scripts and sides at the end of each shoot day.
  • Steve Carell says he wasn't even given a script for the season finale and that the writers are feeding him his lines via earpiece.
  • That is total B.S.
  • That's what she said.

Conclusion: Be prepared to freak the frak out while watching this year's season finale of The Office, which airs in May. 'Cause if Greg Daniels and his gang are doing this much work to keep everything secret, you better believe they think it's worth the fight.

So that leads to today's work-day-consuming topic: What could they possibly be planning for the finale?! My previous assumption was that Jim would pop the question to Pam, but now that he has flat out told her he’s going to propose, and even showed us the ring, there must be something more, right? A lot more? Especially since we've been told that there's a spinoff in the works and that someone is leaving Dunder Miffin this season?

Help a sister out and post your theories—and Jam love—below!

(And stand by for lots of video from my Office set visit closer to the finale...Assuming Greg Daniels doesn't steal the tapes...) 

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